Welcome toFacilities Cooling Solutions

Facilities Cooling Solutions Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company. The company consists of two divisions, an engineering department and a mechanical services department. We specialise in Air conditioning and Refrigeration and provide a large range of services from installations, preventative maintenance and mechanical services.


We provide full MEP services on our capital projects ( Mechanical Electrical Plumbing ) and also provide MEP maintenance services for customers facilities, ensuring their mechanical services equipment is operating efficiently and reliably to eliminate machine downtime and operating losses. Our aim is to keep your central cooling plants in top running condition. Contact our office for a specialised preventative maintenance plan to suit your facility. Our company specialise in central plant equipment, focusing our services on process water systems, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, absorption chillers and adiabatic coolers. We have 30 years experience in industrial process and the HVAC-R industries.

We specialise in maintaining centrifugal, screw and reciprocating chillers. Our services will keep your systems running reliably, efficiently and economically. Our company has an extensive number of clients in VIC & NSW and welcomes business owners to try our services.