Centrifugal Chiller Dual Compressor

Daikin dual compressor centrifugal chillers take up less floor space than multiple single compressor chillers while delivering the combined capacity. A dual compressor chiller can also provide installed costs savings of up to 35% compared to installing two separate chillers. Here’s why:

  • Eliminates piping to the second chiller and to additional pumps
  • Fewer valves and controls
  • Less rigging costs
  • Reduced control wiring

The redundancy of two of everything connected to the evaporator and condenser enhances reliability. If any compressor component fails, it can be removed or repaired without shutting down the other compressor. And there’s automatic back-up with at least 60% of the chiller design capacity available on single circuit units and 50% on dual circuit units. Daikin dual compressor centrifugal chillers are seismic compliant with both IBC standards and OSHPD pre-approval.