Templifier® Scroll Water Heater

Heat recovery provides such effective opportunities for energy savings that ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requires heat recovery be used for service hot water heating and reheat in many buildings. Daikin Templifier heat recovery water heaters use a unique technology to recover large amounts of heat that would typically be rejected from the building and then use that heat for processes, building heat or domestic hot water. The name says it all: Temperature Amplifier — Templifier.

The scroll compressor Model TGZ Templifier heat recovery water heater can produce up to 160°F water for use in service hot water heating or reheat applications. Both HVAC and process applications can reduce energy costs by using a Templifier water heater.

How a Templifier Unit Can Save You Money

  • Saves energy by heating water more economically than fuel-fired boilers or electric resistance heat
  • Off-loads overloaded boilers or cooling towers, delaying or eliminating capital expenditures to increase their capacity

Secondary benefits include:

  • Saves tower make-up water
  • Reduces chemical treatment costs and sewer charges